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Welcome to REAL Fundraising. We’re a charity fundraising agency with a vision to change the world. It’s a big goal, but we’re up for the challenge. We’re activists, not only at heart, but in everything we do. We believe in purpose over profit, putting global and UK charities and their initiatives first, so they can succeed. Through calling, digital and face-to-face charity fundraising, we help non-profit organisations achieve their goals and make the world a better place for us all.

What We Do

Take a journey with us to discover our story so far.

REAL Fundraising was founded in 2009 by our directors who worked together in the fundraising industry.

They believed their shared ethics, values and goals would make a charity fundraising agency more successful for the agency and charity clients

REAL Fundraising grew quickly, originally picking up some of the world’s biggest charities, like our previous client, UNICEF, or current clients such as Barnardos and Centrepoint

By 2012, after substantial growth, we realised we needed to refocus on our values and purpose, so we scaled back in places and restructured the management team

This is where we became the REAL Fundraising we are today, with our values firmly at the heart of everything we do

Our values and ethics aren’t just geared towards our charity clients, we extend them to all of our employees – the REAL Family.

In September 2017 we started the REAL Ethical Group (REG) and in October that year, the REAL Ethical Fund (REF), to make ethical policy decisions and donate to UK charities chosen by REG and the wider REAL Family.

We were originally a face-to-face charity fundraising agency offering free calling services as a value add.

From 2009, we had been carrying out warm calls with donors and the growing demand for Telephone Fundraising from our existing clients led the launch of REAL Calling in 2019.

2018 was a big year for us. We became the first face-to-face fundraising agency on the planet to gain B Corp certification, we became carbon neutral and were the runners up in the Business Culture Awards.

In June 2016 we started up the REAL Partnership Programme to help smaller businesses, individual fundraisers and REAL colleagues start up their own charity fundraising companies that share the same values as us.

2020 we upscaled our digital department and now provide a full range of digital fundraising services to complete our omni-channel fundraising offering.


REAL Subcontracting Partnership Programme

We’re dedicated to helping those who share our core values. We help smaller charity fundraising businesses, individual fundraisers and even our REAL colleagues, succeed in their drive to make the world a better place. From mentoring to charity materials, access to charity campaigns and much more, we offer an innovative subcontracting model with benefits far beyond others.

Products & Services

Face to Face

Whether it’s door to door, private site, events or street fundraising, we’ve got all of your face-to-face charity fundraising needs covered. With over 50 years combined experience, we’re one of the longest running and most successful face-to-face charity fundraising companies.


Welcome and QC calls are part of the valued added services we provide to all of our clients. We also offer acquisition, warm calling and check-ins as an additional service from our team at REAL Calling. We’re experts in values-based conversations and have some of the highest rates of conversion and retention in the industry.


From social ads to charity specific content and full digital campaigns, we’re able to target your key community and fulfil your digital fundraising needs. We use advanced lead scoring as well as behavioural and attribution modelling to create excitement around your charity fundraising campaigns, ultimately leading to success for your charity drive.

Blog & News

The real Living wage(and real London Living wage). Should it be the Minimum F2F Fundraising payment standard?

Why paying it means more than than just better financial welfare for Fundraisers(which is a pretty important thing in itself). In September 2020 REAL Fundraising became accredited by the Living Wage...

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Winners — Business Culture Awards 2021 — Best Brand & Values Initiative for Business Culture

A Focus on Partnership REAL Fundraising were this week announced as winners of the best brand and values initiative for business culture. The really exciting this is that the case...

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The REAL Ethical Fund secures two new charity partnerships

REAL are pleased to announce that the REAL Ethical Fund will now be contributing regular donations to two new charities. We have found two that perfectly complement each other; helping...

REAL Fundraising Aug 9 ‧ 1 minute
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