Who we are as a charity fundraising agency is about so much more than what we do. It’s about our vision, values, ethics, culture and the way we treat every person we encounter. Take a look at what we’re proud to say makes us… us.

Our Vision And Values

We don’t just want to make a small difference. We want to change the world. Whether it’s fundraising to combat climate change, poverty, human rights abuses, for the preservation of endangered species or to invest in life-saving medical research & treatment – we’re tackling the world’s problems one charity at a time.

We can’t do it alone. That’s why we empower people to become activists by supporting charities. All of us in the REAL Family are activists, too. But, what is an activist? For us, it’s more than just representing a charity cause; it’s embedded in our name and values:

Respect: for the public, charities, each other and ourselves.

Ethics: it’s in everything we do from boycotting the world’s worst corporations, only buying
sweat-shop free clothing and adhering to our guiding principle of honesty.

Activism: the focus of our work is to make the world a better place and this is reflected in
our energy and sense of purpose.

Love: for the job we do, the people we represent, the causes and every interaction we have.

Our Ethics

We’re dedicated to ethical business practices in everything we do and are proud to be able to show this in different ways.


Our B Corp certification

B Corporations are required to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. They use their businesses to create a positive impact for employees, communities and the environment.

We’re proud to be the first face-to-face charity fundraising company, globally, to receive a B Corp certification. It’s recognition that we’re part of the global movement using business as a force for good. In 2019 we even featured in the top 5% of all B Corps for customers, making us an honouree in the “Best for the World – Customers” category.


Real Living Wage

We believe that no one should struggle for the basics. Financial stability makes for better, happier fundraisers who, as charity ambassadors, produce better results. That’s why we always pay the real living wage and the real London living wage. We’re also proud to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.


We’re carbon neutral

Looking after the planet is as important as looking after people. That’s why we measure and strive to reduce or offset our CO2 emissions. Since 2018, we have measured our carbon impact year on year, we have offset 130 tonnes of CO2 and have been certified carbon neutral by Carbon Footprint.


Diversity and inclusion

Equality is important to us. That’s why we champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’ve formed a Diversity and Inclusion Team, run by our REAL Family, represented by and for the LGBT+ community, POC, minorities and women. Our Diversity and Inclusion Team works with senior management to implement operational and strategic initiatives that ensure we’re the diverse, supportive and inclusive company we set out to be. You can find our Diversity and Inclusion Report over on our reports page.


Business Culture Awards

Ethics and values begin at home. That’s why, at REAL Fundraising, we focus as much on our REAL Family as we do on our clients and partners. And we’ve been recognised for doing this since 2018 in the Business Culture Awards.

    • We, most recently, were announced as the winner in the Small Business 2020/21 category and were also received the Highly Commended Award for Brand, Purpose and Values.
    • In 2018 we were finalists in both the Small Business and Business Culture Brand and Values categories.
    • In 2019 we were awarded the title of “Highly Commended for a Small Business”.
    • Our Managing Director of Client Services, Liam McEntegart, was appointed as a judge from 2019 – 2021 and also a panellist at the Business Culture Connected conference in 2020.
    • In 2020 we were nominated as finalists in 4 categories
      1. Brand, Purpose and Values.
      2. Small Business (fewer than 250 employees).
      3. Corporate Social Responsibility.
      4. Culture in a Crisis


REAL Ethical

In 2017 we created the REAL Ethical Group (REG) and the REAL Ethical Fund (REF) to drive our desire to make the best choices in everything we do.

The REAL Ethical Group

Each department at REAL Fundraising chooses representatives to be part of the REG, who then decide on:

Ethical and sustainable procurement such as sweatshop-free clothing and apparel

Our ethics in policy making, such as boycotting companies who are found to be unethical, as well as shaping all aspects of our company policy

Who to donate money to from the REAL Ethical Fund (REF)

The REAL Ethical Fund

The REF was created to give charity support by donating money and providing volunteers to charities and community projects. The organisations and causes we donate to are voted for by the REG and can’t be vetoed by our directors. Since 2018, the REF has donated over £50,000 to 53 registered charities and community projects.

Our Team

Lewis Honney

Managing Director & Founder

Before becoming our Managing Director in November 2019, Lewis


James Davis

Innovation Director & Founder

James has brought a wealth of experience and dedication


Liam McEntegart

Client Services Director & Founder.

Liam is no stranger to charity fundraising, especially face-to-face


Tom Ward

REAL Jobs Director.

Charity work is close to Tom’s heart and he’s


Sibel Rawahy

Office Manager

Sibel has grown from strength to strength during her


Lenka Morgan

Data Project Manager

Lenka has been with us since 2014 and has


Jenny Conroy

Client Services Account Manager

Although Jenny comes from a recruitment background, she worked


Moza Ali

Administrator and Logistics Coordinator

Moza, who’s originally from Zanzibar, started her career as


Jon Barker

Calling Manager

Jon has been with us since 2011 and besides


Richard Rooks


Richard started his career in face-to-face fundraising in 2001


Sandra Esplugues

Client Services Account Manager

Sandra comes from a background with a blend of


Lawrence Lewin

Head of Training & Development

Lawry has been working in the Fundraising sector for

Austin Robson

Austin Robson

Head of Partnership

Austin has a wide breadth of experience in many


Gordon Wingate

Training & Development Manager

Initially working in the arts and with a keen



Because we believe in absolute transparency, we’re happy to provide a range of reports that you can download to track REAL Fundraising’s performance.

Stakeholder Impact Report 2022

Shareholder Report 2021


Shareholder Report 2020


Social Impact Report 2020

D & I Report 2020

Shareholder Report 2019

Social Impact Report 2019

Shareholder Report 2018

Social Impact Report 2018

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