All the worlds problems are over.

REAL Fundraising tells fundraisers to take a long weekend off from being Activists.

April 1st — REAL Fundraising the leading values based Fundraising Agency has today announced that all the worlds problems are now over.

Managing Director, Lewis Honney was quoted as saying:-

“It’s true, today theres no longer inequality based on Race, Gender, Sexual Identity, Ethnicity. The richest 1% no longer own 99% of the wealth, there are no longer children without access to clean water, people across the globe regardless of where all have equal rights to medical treatment, companies no longer profit from slave labour, bonded labour & commit human rights abuses. Homelessness has ended overnight, people are no longer requiring medical research and support services from the plethora of amazing medical charities.
We felt that it was time to give Activism a rest!

Liam McEntegart, Client Services Director & B Corp Ambassador said:-

With the ending of all inequality and injustice we can withdraw from the B Corporation Movement, we no longer need to use business as a force for good. Companies don’t need to balance Profit with Purpose, People and Planet because the worlds problems are over. Our vitally important charity Clients can take the long weekend off knowing that theres no longer any problems they need to solve.

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