An Introduction to our new Head of Digital


When I was offered the opportunity to join the REAL family and launch their digital offering, I jumped at the chance. I have 20+ years’ experience in digital (starting back when they called me a ‘new media consultant’), but if there is one thing I love about it, it’s that you can never be stagnant — the constant developments in digital and social always keep you on your toes.

My time in the world of commercial agencies has produced some stunning results — I have some of them memorised, I’ll even tell you if you ask (I’m a real hoot at parties) — and I produced these results for brands big and small — from SMEs to government agencies to globally famous brands — on budgets from the tiny to the Hollywood. And after spending all that time in the commercial sector, I’m excited to bring some of those learnings to REAL’s clients, applying my experience as a force for good.

It’s exciting to see in the last year, despite the sadness of the circumstances, that the challenges charities have faced have turbo-charged your determination to explore new avenues of fundraising, speeding along your progress in addressing your need to further your journeys on your digital roadmaps. This is why REAL is now launching a range of products that will help you in all aspects of your digital fundraising journey.

As we discussed in our blog, Digital Fundraising Top-Tips No#1: Stop Asking for Money, the most efficient way in which you can build a long-term fundraising strategy is to ensure you treat your prospects and donors as partners and demonstrate how much you value them. This longer-term strategy of nurture and retention will need to be developed alongside your more immediate fundraising requirements, which is why REAL has developed a wide range of digital products to cover all of your digital fundraising needs — from a direct donor drive to value exchange campaigns and from a short nurture sprint to full management of the entire donor journey.

We are at an exciting time in the development of fundraising in the digital space and, wherever you are in your own digital journey, REAL can work with you to ensure you can develop your digital fundraising and communications further, into a top of class operation that helps you in developing a stronger community and consistent fundraising growth.

To learn more about our digital products, please visit our site.

All the best,


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