We’ve Recertified as a B Corp 🎉

We’ve been proud advocates of the B Corporation movement since we were certified with a score of 112.7 in 2018. We solely believe that Business can and should be used as a force for good for all stakeholders. Shareholder primacy is dead.

What’s a B Corp?
Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

B Corp Certification demonstrates the highest standard in social and environmental business practices. The detailed B Impact Assessment contains over 250 questions (with roughly 30-60% being verified) that looks at a company’s practices towards the following:-

Governance – evaluates a company’s overall mission, engagement around its social, environmental impact, ethics, and transparency.

Workers – evaluates a company’s contributions to its employees’ financial security, health & safety, wellness, career development, and engagement & satisfaction.

Community – evaluates a company’s engagement with and impact on the communities in which it operates, hires from, & sources from.

Environment – evaluates a company’s overall environmental management practices as well as its impact on the air, climate, water, land, & biodiversity.

Customers – evaluates a company’s stewardship of its customers through the quality of its services, ethical marketing, data privacy & security, & feedback channels.

Companies must also make a legal commitment by changing their corporate governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Companies also exhibit transparency by allowing information about their performance measured against B Lab’s standards to be publicly available on their B Corp profile on B Lab’s website.

Our Recertification

REAL’s B Corp recertification began in September 2021 based on 2020’s trading activity (we all know what a tough year that was right) and following on from 6 months of verification and audit REAL Fundraising was awarded a score of 159.6. We believe this places REAL in the top 5 UK ranked B Corps just 0.9 points behind Y.O.U Underwear the UK’s highest-ranked B Corp as of March 2022. Given the challenging year that took place in 2020, we are incredibly proud of this score. Looking after our people, the planet and focussing on purpose during our most testing of years shows just how deep our values of Respect, Ethics, Activism & Love are embedded into our DNA.

Image of the b corp score of 159.6 on a tablet

Things we are proud of

Governance – Our Transparency, Mission Lock & legal commitment to balance profit with, planet, people & purpose.

Workers – Our Diversity, % Employees on Living Wage, High to Low Salary Ratio, Staff Benefits, Maternity, IVF, Pregnancy loss Policies, Employee NPS & Satisfaction Surveys

Community – Our Commitment to donate 20% of profits, Inclusive hiring practices, Diverse representation within the business, REAL Activism (Volunteering) scheme.

Environment – Measurement of CO2 including scope 3 emissions, being Carbon Neutral, Hybrid car fleet growth, our use of renewable energy.

Customers – Support for underserved populations, Impact pricing model for small charities, generating revenue for “in need” populations.

Over the last 3 years, we have slowly implemented more policies, processes and practices to enhance our commitment to our workers, customers, governance, community and the environment. Utilising the Business Impact Assessment is the most credible tool a company can use to measure its impact on its workers, community, environment and customers.


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