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How to get started with F2F.

Are you a charity that is looking to start F2F fundraising but doesn't have the budget to work with an agency. As experts in all things F2F We've put together this handy guide for things to think about if you wanted to start an in house team of your own.

Liam McEntegart Jan 16 ‧ 3 minutes

REAL Fundraising implements pay rise for all Fundraisers with Living wage adjustment 4 months early.

Jan 1st 2024. REAL Fundraising and all their sub-contracting partners have implemented a pay rise for all fundraisers 4 months before the Living Wage Foundation deadline of the 1st May '24.

Liam McEntegart Jan 2 ‧ 1 minute

Why truly ethical organisations increase their donations to charities in line with their growth in profit.

As the charity sector reflects on the recent findings from The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) as published in Civil Society, We wanted to look at this from a company with a values led perspective and to highlight why truly ethical businesses choose to link their charitable giving to a fixed percentage of their profit rather than an ad hoc amount.

Liam McEntegart Aug 11 ‧ 4 minutes

5 Ways to Build a Values-Driven Company Culture

Building a values-driven company culture is crucial for the success of any business. A company culture that aligns with its values attracts and retains top talent but also creates a positive impact on society and the planet. Whether you are a leading B Corp, a Pending B Corp or just beginning to explore this space we will give five ways to build a values-driven company culture starting today.

Liam McEntegart Apr 20 ‧ 3 minutes

Why Values-Led Business is the Only Way Forward

Why Values-Led Business is the Only Way Forward In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, businesses must prioritise their values and ethical practices above all else. The B Corp framework provides a clear path for businesses to align their values with their actions, and it is up to businesses to take this seriously and create a sustainable future for all. In this article, we explore REAL's core values of respect, ethics, activism, love and the wider B Corp values of transparency and integrity and explain why they are crucial for a values-led business.

Liam McEntegart Apr 13 ‧ 3 minutes

Menstrual Leave & Menopause Policy

Following the announcement by the UK Government to reject recommendations to consult on making menopause a protected characteristic and pilot a workplace menopause leave policy in England, the Directors at REAL Fundraising disagreed with this decision in the strongest possible terms

Liam McEntegart Feb 1 ‧ 1 minute

REAL Partnership & the real Living Wage.

This is not a new thing, over the years we have seen articles about direct sales agencies and the reportedly exploitative and unethical business and employment practices detailed within them. We have seen similar stories from direct sales companies in Australia & Spain over recent years and many of the questionable practices detailed in the programme have been widely known in the industry for more than 25 years now.

Liam McEntegart Aug 25 ‧ 3 minutes

Why Values based, ethical & the REAL model of fundraising creates sound piece of mind for Charities.

REAL works around the clock every day, and has done so since 2009 to ensure that we meet our stated aim of being the exemplar for the highest standards in the industry. We see one of our core responsibilities as ensuring our clients enjoy peace of mind while working with us and that they understand that their good governance is our first priority.  Please join me as I give you a guided tour through just a small selection of the policies, ethos and working practices that make that claim a reality.

Liam McEntegart Aug 11 ‧ 5 minutes

We’ve Recertified as a B Corp 🎉

We've been proud advocates of the B Corporation movement since we were certified with a score of 112.7 in 2018. We solely believe that Business can and should be used as a force for good for all stakeholders. Shareholder primacy is dead. What's a B Corp? Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. B Corp Certification demonstrates the highest standard in social and environmental business practices. The detailed B Impact Assessment contains over 250 questions (with roughly 30-60% being verified) that looks at a company's practices towards the following:-

Liam McEntegart Apr 11 ‧ 3 minutes

REAL Fundraising doubles Maternity Pay policy

REAL Fundraising announces new Maternity Pay policy. Backdating the policy to January 2022 REAL Fundraising will now match the 6 weeks @ 90% of full pay that comprises Statutory Maternity Pay for a further 6 weeks meaning Parents eligible for Maternity Pay will receive a total of 12 weeks pay at 90% followed by SMP for a period of 27 weeks.

Liam McEntegart Feb 24 ‧ 2 minutes
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