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What is a B Corporation?

We compile a whole wealth of information about B Corp Certification from Certified B Corporations are a businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

REAL Fundraising Mar 9 ‧ 3 minutes

Digital Fundraising Top-Tips No#1: Stop Asking For Money.

The surprisingly effective approach to higher donor revenue Every charity is at a different stage in their digital journey, and there is no one-size fits all approach to what will work, but every charity knows it is a vital part of their fundraising and marketing strategy.

REAL Fundraising Mar 1 ‧ 8 minutes

An Introduction to our new Head of Digital

Hello, When I was offered the opportunity to join the REAL family and launch their digital offering, I jumped at the chance. I have 20+ years’ experience in digital (starting back when they called me a ‘new media consultant’), but if there is one thing I love about it, it’s that you can never be stagnant — the constant developments in digital and social always keep you on your toes.

REAL Fundraising Mar 1 ‧ 3 minutes

Working life is better inside a B Corp.

It’s B Corp month. And more importantly as we publish this it is week 1 of B Corp Month where we focus on our REAL Family members or as the B Impact Assessment categorises them our workers.

REAL Fundraising Mar 1 ‧ 4 minutes

Why partnership beats subcontracting every time.

Over the past few years we have seen the Face to face fundraising agency market led by a handful of companies. There are fewer large face to face fundraising agencies today than there were in previous years. REAL is at the forefront of growing this sector, utilising their values of Respect, Ethics, Activism & Love REAL have helped forge a wave of ethically focussed and values based face to face fundraising agency startups.

REAL Fundraising Feb 17 ‧ 5 minutes

REAL’s Ethnicity & Diversity fortnight

Written by — Jon Barker, REAL Calling Manager & Equality & Diversity Champion As the UK celebrated Black History Month REAL launched its first annual Ethnicity & Diversity fortnight. Over the course of two weeks, REAL Fundraising focussed on showcasing cuisines, music & books from around the world as well as setting daily challenges in an effort to celebrate different cultures.

REAL Fundraising Jan 31 ‧ 3 minutes

Climate Emergency Week — Company values in action

Written by Ros Langford, REAL Manager, Norwich Door Region. 2020 was a hugely challenging twelve months for eveyone but a really positive thing that did happen during the year was REAL’s first Climate Emergency Week. From March 2nd to March 8th the REAL family participated in seven days of company-wide activism.

REAL Fundraising Jan 21 ‧ 4 minutes

Truly Ethical Fundraising — More than just an acquisition

As I write this we approach the beginning of another charity financial year well for 90% of charity clients REAL works with. Inevitably this means that campaign targets, schedules, kpi’s will rightly need to be discussed. As important as these metrics are can we really count a donor simply as a number on a spreadsheet? Does a campaign get decided purely on a Cost Per Acquisition? We’re a long way gone from the days of commoditisation of donors but there’s always the risk that campaigns can be judged that way. What actually goes in to recruiting a donor at a leading ethical fundraising agency?

REAL Fundraising Jan 15 ‧ 5 minutes

Business Culture Award Winners

REAL Fundraising, was yesterday awarded Best Business Culture — Small Business (<250 employees) at the Business Culture Awards 2020. This is a huge credit to all of REAL’s amazing charity clients and the inspirational REAL Family members across the UK who help us shape our Award-winning culture.

REAL Fundraising Dec 2 ‧ 2 minutes

10 questions to create good governance in supplier selection and guide Charities on their journey with a new agency?

With the combination of new agencies to market along with charities reassessing where their budgets are spent due to COVID-19 never before has it been more important to ask the right questions of an agency before enlisting their professional services. In addition to this Charities play a key role in the governance and standards in the sector and by helping guide the right questions we hope that this will play a part in ensuring and maintaining high standards and therefore the continued success and sustainability of face to face fundraising.

REAL Fundraising Nov 20 ‧ 10 minutes
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