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What is a B Corporation?

We compile a whole wealth of information about B Corp Certification from Certified B Corporations are a businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

REAL Fundraising Mar 9 ‧ 3 minutes

Why partnership beats subcontracting every time.

Over the past few years we have seen the Face to face fundraising agency market led by a handful of companies. There are fewer large face to face fundraising agencies today than there were in previous years. REAL is at the forefront of growing this sector, utilising their values of Respect, Ethics, Activism & Love REAL have helped forge a wave of ethically focussed and values based face to face fundraising agency startups.

REAL Fundraising Feb 17 ‧ 5 minutes

REAL’s Ethnicity & Diversity fortnight

Written by — Jon Barker, REAL Calling Manager & Equality & Diversity Champion As the UK celebrated Black History Month REAL launched its first annual Ethnicity & Diversity fortnight. Over the course of two weeks, REAL Fundraising focussed on showcasing cuisines, music & books from around the world as well as setting daily challenges in an effort to celebrate different cultures.

REAL Fundraising Jan 31 ‧ 3 minutes

Climate Emergency Week — Company values in action

Written by Ros Langford, REAL Manager, Norwich Door Region. 2020 was a hugely challenging twelve months for eveyone but a really positive thing that did happen during the year was REAL’s first Climate Emergency Week. From March 2nd to March 8th the REAL family participated in seven days of company-wide activism.

REAL Fundraising Jan 21 ‧ 4 minutes

Business Culture Award Winners

REAL Fundraising, was yesterday awarded Best Business Culture — Small Business (<250 employees) at the Business Culture Awards 2020. This is a huge credit to all of REAL’s amazing charity clients and the inspirational REAL Family members across the UK who help us shape our Award-winning culture.

REAL Fundraising Dec 2 ‧ 2 minutes

Returning to Face to Face Fundraising after COVID-19.

A few weeks back we published a survey for international F2F agency and inhouse to ask them how the return to F2F had been, post lockdown (If they had experienced a lockdown). Thank you to the 7 International NGO’s(and their agencies) who participated, below is a summary of the results.

REAL Fundraising Jun 29 ‧ 3 minutes

Returning to Face to Face Fundraising, learning from our International peers.

The last few months have been challenging to us all. Like many sectors, face to face fundraising was put on hold for an uncertain amount of time. Humans struggle to deal with the unknown, it’s the reason why we have to constantly forecast best estimates, predict start dates and constantly reproject.

REAL Fundraising Jun 29 ‧ 3 minutes

Coronavirus & Public Fundraising: Doing the right thing is not always an easy decision to make

Liam McEntegart, Managing Director (Client Services) REAL Fundraising Ltd, looks at the difficulties in making public fundraising decisions around the coronavirus outbreak, and explains why getting contingencies put in place in advance means the sector should never feel they are torn between financial prosperity and public safety.

REAL Fundraising Mar 31 ‧ 5 minutes


Everyone in the REAL Family is here because we want to change lives. We spend most of our waking hours making a difference and being part of the positive change we all want to see in the world. This usually comes in the form of incredible and inspirational long-term regular donors for our amazing charity partners but due to the REAL values we all share it can also take many other forms. However, nothing hits home more than being able to see a tangible reflection of our relentless efforts to change the world like we did last week.

REAL Fundraising Dec 2 ‧ 5 minutes

The Tipi Raisers

2014 saw our 5th Anniversary and to celebrate the event we held a Christmas party for fundraisers, office staff and management. We also saw this as a great opportunity to hold a fundraising event for the Tipi Raisers — a very small charity based around the Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota, which is home to the Lakota Sioux people. The Tipi Raisers work on collaborative projects, aiming to bring ‘homes, employment, pride and revitalization of culture to the reservations’.

REAL Fundraising Jan 1 ‧ 2 minutes
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