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We’re proud to have helped a number of clients over the years with their charity fundraising campaigns. Take a look at a few of our current valued partners.

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We’re humbled by the feedback we’ve received from our clients.
It means we’re achieving our vision of changing the world.

Alzheimer's Research UK
Alexandra McGarry

Working with REAL is an absolute pleasure – compassionate, forward-thinking and committed to the cause. We’ve worked with them for over five years now and year-on-year we see improved results and more funds raised sooner. The quality of people who sign up with REAL is second to none, no doubt driven by the excellent standards their fundraisers work towards. It’s clear to see they have a genuine desire to do good in the world!

Alexander Robins

Just wanted to let you know that thanks to Jay, a Trust have just donated £576….one of the people he stopped was a Trustee of a Charitable Trust and while they said they couldn’t donate personally, they would do so through the Trust. Through my subsequent discussions with the Trustee, it transpires that the Trust is art focussed. Having explained that we deliver art activity, it looks likely we’ll receive a further £1,000 donation next year. The Trustee specifically mentioned talking to Jay when he was around the Cannon Street area. So please do pass on our thanks to him for helping kick off this relationship.

Amy Klein

REAL are brilliant, I would not hesitate to recommend them to any charity looking for a new F2F agency partner. Centrepoint has worked with REAL for a number of years and they have inspired thousands of long-standing donors to donate to us. They’re a rare breed of agency who are fantastic at both the nuts and bolts of good F2F (i.e. accurate reporting and analysis, a focus on training, fundraiser engagement) as well as being an agency that really pushes innovation. This year we have tested immediate card payment with them with much success. We have seen sector-leading results with REAL and, alongside our brilliant in-house campaign, they are an integral part of our F2F programme. Thank you, REAL!

Helen & Douglas House
Emma Murphy

Thanks to the engaging and inspirational conversation on the door by Francis, Helen and Douglas House received a significant donation from a trust they had no previous relationship with. We continue to be very pleased with REAL's results on our face to face campaign and have been working with them for 12 years, for 6 of those they have retained the same face to face team which makes for exceptional knowledge of the charity and proves their loyalty and dedication to the cause.


Positive feedback shared on LinkedIn by Head of Fundraising Charlotte Cole - YMCA England & Wales.  

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