Earth Day — 10 tips to show the Earth some love.

REAL Family members share their top tips as to show the Earth some love this Earth day. 🌍

We are amidst a climate crisis. This Earth day we wanted to share our top tips to help our REAL Family start a new habit on Earth day with a view to continuing it forever. Have no doubt that every single person on the planet is responsible for ensuring the Global Goals of limiting average global temperature rise to less than 1.5°C. Science shows that a 1.5°C increase in average global temperature is the limit to reduce the worst impacts for our planet and its inhabitants, especially communities on the frontlines who will be impacted first and most significantly. At the current trajectory, it is estimated we will reach this limit as early as 2030.

We must all make changes to our lifestyles to help achieve the global goal of limiting average temperature rises by less than 1.5°C. Here is our top advice as to what we can all do to make this happen.

  1. Measure your Carbon Footprint/Impact. You cannot reduce something you are not measuring. Whilst many argue offsetting is not the best solution, a combination of measurement, reduction and offsetting what you cannot reduce is a great start. Companies like Carbon Footprint offer an in depth footprint calculator so you can see your impact and reduce wherever possible.
  2. Go meat free or source local produce that is reared to high standards (But also avoid Soya as a replacement due to its high carbon footprint and links to Amazon destruction). Whilst you may not want to go completely meat free reducing your meat consumption will defineitly reduce your carbon footprint. Jenny, client services account exec suggests meat free weekdays. When you do purchase meat look for locally sourced, grass fed, free range options to ensure not only the best welfare but reduced carbon impact
  3. Eat Air Mile Free foods. Abel & Cole REAL’s fellow B Corp have a policy of not shipping any fruit or veg using Air Miles, this is a great way to lessen your climate impact. Do we really need passionfruit in the depths of winter? Client Services Director, Liam McEntegart says “Eating seasonally is gaining momentum and there’s a great article from The Independent on how you can do this in the UK.
  4. Stop spending money with companies that are damaging the planet. If you spend money with a company damaging the planet then you are complicit in their bad practices. Look for companies that are B Corporations, Companies that are Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative(they take out more CO2 than they produce).
  5. Forget the disposable life. Buy reuseable water bottles, metal straws, reusable eat out cutlery, reuseable shopping bags. All of these things are easily done and reduce your annual global impact on waste and plastic.
  6. Go Paperless. In 2021 there is no need to get paper bills for anything in life. Question whether you need to print anything. In fact it is probably more efficient to source a cloud storage platform that is searchable and easily accessed and store everything there. Ditch the paper completely.
  7. Be a Digital Climate Activist. Sign WWF’s Voice for the Planet petition. Achieving the Paris climate agreement and protecting wildlife requires governments to take ambitious steps to transform economies. You can sign this World Wildlife Fund Voice For the Planet petition to call for a “new deal for nature and people.” You can also write to your MP vowing to only support candidates that prioritise climate action.
  8. Attend a digital rally or event. Earth Day will feature hundreds of digital events around the world — from virtual rallies to nature-themed performances to educational sessions. You can find out about events in your area by searching on social media, connecting with your favorite environmental group.
  9. Plant, trees, flowers, vegetables. Find any space possible and plant anything that you are passionate about. Trees to sink Carbon, Plants to attract bees and vegetables to eat yourself rather than supporting supermarkets which have far higher carbon footprints.
  10. Check out to learn more about what you can do all year round both globally & locally. Their Take Action Now page has a wealth of ideas as to what you can do as an individual to put the Earth front and centre this Earth day.


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