How to get started with F2F.

Are you a charity that is looking to start F2F fundraising but doesn’t have the budget to work with an agency.

As experts in all things F2F We’ve put together this handy guide for things to think about if you wanted to start an in house team of your own.

Donor acquisition tools

We use a platform called Evergiving and have also run several campaigns with OMG Optimise run by fellow B Corp Open Fundraising. We would definitely recommend one of these solutions for ease of management and insight. In the UK market you can also look at Formunauts or Ideal Fundraising. These platforms will all offer exports straight in to your CRM systems (and potentially API connections depending on your systems) and will integrate with most leading card gateways (Like Stripe for regular card payments)

Recruiting values aligned fundraisers

We would highly recommend speaking to a recruitment provider who has experience specifically in F2F. REAL Jobs our sister recruitment agency are experts in finding fundraisers who share the values of your organisation. Value alignment will be one of the biggest contributing factors to their success and retention. REAL jobs can also offer training and development through their learning management system to ensure that your fundraisers are well trained and fully compliant from the beginning.


We would always advocate for a payment model that guarantees a standard of living that is fair for the fundraiser, this is why we are members of the real Living Wage foundation. In our experience a payment model that offers a reliable salary above or equal to the real Living wage with additional bonuses based on quality and quantity metrics is key. We would recommend factors be included such as Gift Aid %, Age of the donor, 1st claim Attrition, to make sure that you target the best donors possible. For more metrics on how to get the best donors possible checkout our seminar on attrition produced last year on over 100,000 donor data points.


In this day and age charities entering the F2F market can do so with reassurance and confidence, Green Light Sites are an agency that can offer compliance auditing from day 1. You will get a 150 point 3hour observation audit based on your audit criteria along with mystery shops or door shadowing to give you peace of mind and reassurance that your teams are representing you accordingly.


You will need to decide what works best for you. Door and Street traditionally come with lower cost to access but private site may come with better donor quality. If you are looking at keeping costs down than door to door and street are definitely better options, you can access these sites through the relevant CIoF diaries (DVMS for door London and the LSM for street sites and NSD for national sites). You can also book door sites outside of London through local authorities by applying for house to house collection licenses. Lastly if you have existing relationships with private land owners, supermarkets or other corporate partners you can approach them directly and gain free access. It is important to make sure that you specify this is not a cash collection and you would be obtaining Direct Debits or regular card payments.

Additional Useful information.

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