Menstrual Leave & Menopause Policy

Following the announcement by the UK Government to reject recommendations to consult on making menopause a protected characteristic and pilot a workplace menopause leave policy in England, the Directors at REAL Fundraising disagreed with this decision in the strongest possible terms

As an Activist organisation, REAL Fundraising is committed to providing an inclusive working environment for everyone. This includes enabling employees who are experiencing painful periods or menopausal symptoms to get the support they need in order to manage their symptoms at work. Therefore, we have decided not to follow the UK Government’s lead on this subject and therefore we will be introducing a Menstrual Leave and Menopause Policy which includes employees being allowed to take up to 12 paid days off work, per annum should they be too unwell to work.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about the UK Gov’s decision on this subject, please refer to the BBC link.

If like REAL, you are appalled by this decision, we encourage everyone to show their activist spirit and write to their local MP highlighting your objection.

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