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Face To Face Fundraising

Our Fundraisers are there to raise awareness of the fantastic work done by our charity partners and more importantly, to inspire people to commit to regular donations via Direct Debit, one-off and reoccurring card payment. They do this across the whole of the UK.

Our face-to-face offering covers:

  • Street
  • Door-to-door
  • Private sites, like shopping centres
  • Experiential
  • Events, expos and festivals

Producing some of the most successful charity campaigns is about more than just one kind of fundraising. That’s why we offer an omni-channel approach. Together with face-to-face, we offer calling and digital fundraising services to help you to achieve your goals.

Our face-to-face offering comes with
a range of free valued-added services:

  • Welcome calling
  • Basic disclosure checks
    on all of our fundraisers
  • Quality assurance calling
  • Check in calls
  • Compliance auditing and mystery shopping for all methods of face-to-face fundraising
  • Welcome and retention emails, SMSs and WhatsApp messages
  • Training for all of our professional fundraisers, certified by the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, who are all paid the real Living Wage and never placed on nasty zero hours contracts or commission only payments.
  • Complete training on your charity
    or cause to instil a deep understanding of your mission and values

If you think face-to-face fundraising is right for your charity, we’d love to hear from you!

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Calling Fundraising

As part of our fundraising services for charities, we’ve always offered free welcome and QC calling. This proved to be so successful that we launched REAL Calling in 2019. We pride ourselves on having truly warm conversations with each person we speak to and centre these around our core values of Respect, Ethics, Activism and Love.

We use cloud-based call centre technology that’s GDPR, PCI and data protection compliant to make remote and office-based calling as secure as possible.

These are the telephone fundraising
services we offer:

  • Welcome Calling
  • Inbound DTV to phone acquisition
  • Calling leads generated from face-to-face, social and other digital channels
  • Nurturing existing relationships with charity donors
  • A range of donor retention programmes
  • Welcome and onboarding calls for fundraising events

The right kinds of conversations begin with the right kind of people. That’s why each one of our callers has telephone
fundraising skills built on our ethics and values.

We recruit fundraisers who care deeply about the charity causes they work on. And we care about them.
They’re all directly employed on full-time contracts, DBS checked and paid, at the least, the real Living Wage.

If you think our telephone fundraising services are right for your charity, you can find out more here, or get in touch here.

If you’re interested in telephone fundraising jobs, click here.

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Digital Fundraising

We understand the need for joined-up charity fundraising campaigns. That’s why we’ve scaled up our digital fundraising team, employing some of the best and brightest minds. We’re dedicated to generating high quality leads through online fundraising in the social and digital space, to support your overall charity campaign objectives.

These are the digital fundraising services we offer:

  • REAL Donor Drive: We generate high quality leads through targeted social ads, then follow up through our REAL Calling service to help convert the lead into a regular donor, who’s invested in your cause.
  • REAL Demand: We work with you to create a piece of content or a free product that you can offer to prospective donors. By doing this, we’ll be able to generate interest and engagement in your charity fundraising campaign and follow up through our REAL Calling service to help convert the interest into active donation.


  • REAL Impact: From innovative twists on the classics to engaging gaming events and everything in between, we’ve got the fundraising ideas to help turn your campaign into a success. We’ll work closely with you and your agencies to create and manage a unique charity fundraising campaign to excite and engage donors and advocates.
  • REAL Nurture: Sometimes you just need a bit of help in short bursts. That’s where REAL Nurture comes in. We’ll work with you over short cycles and lend our targeted, tested and optimised methodology to help create impactful, short-term charity campaigns. We’ll also use our extensive experience and insight to convert your prospective donor into a regular giver.


  • REAL Journey: We’ll be with you all the way – from first creating awareness to converting donors and finally getting them to be advocates of your charity. We can adapt your existing assets or create new ones to target and convert prospective donors. We’ll be with you every step of the journey to build, maintain and nurture your donor relationships.
  • REAL Social: We understand the power of social, which is why we can help you create a virtual Facebook fundraiser. If you’ve wondered how to set up a fundraiser on Facebook, you can leave all the details to us. We’ll take care of the whole process, from strategy to event management, messaging, group moderation and content. We can even use your preferred technology or from our partner, Give Panel, who take the hassle out of your Facebook fundraiser tech requirements. If you’ve already set up a Facebook fundraiser and need some extra help, we’re here to drop in, or take the reins at any point in the process.
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