REAL Ethical Fund — 2020 Partnership with Shoe Aid

Why our we provide year round support to small charities.

Our vision for business is to continually drive improvement not only for the shareholders but for the environmant, social causes, local communities and our customers. The continuation of this vision was to be able to support the long term work of small charities through the REAL Ethical Fund. Taking on regular committed funding to causes that are in need enhance our company culture, they disseminate our values to every part of the business ensuring that a culture of ethical decision making is formed through our core values of Respect, Ethics, Activism & Love.

Every team member of the REAL family comes to work knowing that not only are they raising vital funds for the charities clients they represent but they also know that their success will allow REAL to support small causes that need a regular form of income to provide the vital services they do.

As part of the REAL Fundraising’s continued committment to become a dependable and vital source of solidarity and free funding to the Charity sector, we are delighted to announce a 12 month commitment of free funding to Shoe Aid From the REAL Ethical Fund (REF) totalling £20,000.

This vital funding will help ensure Shoe Aid can go strength to strength with their heroic activism by employing a full time member of staff for the very first time. What Shoe Aid has achieved so far in reducing shoe waste and pollution and supplying vital foot wear to those who need it most is simply inspiring and we are delighted to be able to support Shoe Aid in the next exciting chapter of their journey.

To find out more about this amazing Charity please click here

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