REAL Fundraising doubles Maternity Pay policy

REAL Fundraising announces new Maternity Pay policy. Backdating the policy to January 2022 REAL Fundraising will now match the 6 weeks @ 90% of full pay that comprises Statutory Maternity Pay for a further 6 weeks meaning Parents eligible for Maternity Pay will receive a total of 12 weeks pay at 90% followed by SMP for a period of 27 weeks.

REAL Fundraising Director Lewis Honney said:-
“We at REAL have listened to our Women’s advocate and round table meetings, we acknowledge that Maternity pay above SMP is one driving decision when women are looking for companies to have a career with and that taking Maternity leave should not put people into a position of having to choose financial hardship or spending more precious time with their newborn(or newly adopted child). As an Ethical employer and as an employer that wants to ensure our policies offer the best possible support to parents, especially mothers we believe this is the right thing to do. This new policy will be backdated to 1st Jan 2022 and be applied to any parents who are on Maternity Pay since then. Adding this to our existing policies for Fertility Treatment & for Miscarriages, Still Birth and Neonatal Death We believe we are putting the needs of all parents and specifically females first as an employer.”


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