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Launched in 2021 the F2F Fundraising Alliance’s vision is for a face-to-face fundraising sector that is values focused, that creates a safe and inclusive space for fundraisers and a fair deal for charities, agencies, and fundraisers alike.

Encouraged by ongoing conversations within the sector about industry standards The F2F Alliance was founded with a desire to support charities, fundraising agencies & fundraisers. If we all work as one and all parties have a fair deal we will attract new fundraisers to the industry, improve industry support and raise standards. It is our belief that this will produce more meaningful outcomes for the many organisations that rely on public support.

It is a key aim of the alliance to showcase best practice on a range of subjects covering everything from fundraising standards to business methodology.

With a board of 5 Individuals representing some of the UK’s leading professional fundraising agencies a set of key standards have been developed to launch the organisation which hopes to grow significantly in the coming months.

These standards include:

  • Fundraisers of member organisations MUST be paid a fair hourly wage based upon the real Living & London Living wage and given a guaranteed wage for the hours that they work.
  • Fundraisers MUST have employment rights including but not limited to sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave.
  • Where agencies sub-contract said subcontractors must meet these same standards.
  • Member organisations MUST have demonstrable professional development policies.
  • Member organisations MUST have a fair and inclusive recruitment process that gives an honest representation of the F2F sector.
  • Member organisations MUST have a workplace bullying & whistleblowing policy.
  • Membership organisations commit to always abide by the Fundraising Code of Practice.
  • Members are committed to the better business act.


Working in partnership with charities, agencies, sector-based groups and industry bodies we hope to make the sector a better place by doing good for all.

Membership of The F2F Alliance is free and The F2F alliance will be welcoming agency membership applications via the following website:

A LinkedIn page can also be found here.

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