REAL launches fertility treatment policy for REAL Family members.

According to the Harvard Business Review 1 in 6 couples require fertility investigations or treatment in order to conceive a child. For many couples, it’s an incredibly personal and sometimes painful experience, and one that’s difficult to share even with close friends and family.Discussing it with coworkers and bosses can feel like a window into the most intimate parts of your life. Both men and women struggle to share their infertility struggles, whether they are scared of the impact upcoming treatment may have on their career, the guilt that may come from not being seen as “normal” and many other reasons.

Research shows that experiencing infertility can have a tremendous impact on the daily life and professional roles of women. Going through it in silence precludes women from receiving support from their employers throughout the process. Fertility treatment also greatly affects partners, whether that is because of the additional support they want & need to offer their partner who is undergoing the treatment or the added stress that comes with the whole process.

REAL Fundraising recognises the impact that fertility treatment takes on our REAL Family members both women and their partners. From today REAL Fundraising shall be offering 8 days of additional paid leave to employees who are undergoing fertility treatment, diagnosis or consultations or employees who’s partners are. This will give them time to attend appointments, rest after a procedure, recover from the emotional effects of treatment, and/or attend followup appointments and scans.

The policy is also in place to ensure that all REAL family members know their fertility journey is supported, infertility is a normal part of our lives and they have rights within the business. Providing support, transparency and openness will ensure that employees do not need to have the added concern that fertility treatment may hamper their career.

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