REAL launches policy on miscarriages, stillbirths, neonatal death for REAL Family members.

We recognise that as an employer we must offer additional support to REAL Family members who go through these major life events, whether it be the woman or their partner. We also reflect that these issues may affect women more prominently and on small occasions could lead to female REAL Family members feeling they are not supported and potentially lead to lower retention of female employees. Most workplaces have staff who have been or may be affected by these events.

But many employees don’t know their rights and employers rarely have policies in place to help. Managers are not always clear on their responsibilities and colleagues may not know what to say. By having a clear policy for these processes REAL Fundraising offers support, clarity and clear guidance to managers, employees and also provides additional support to women who are more likely to be affected by these matters. Managers and employees have told us they feel more comfortable when their rights and responsibilities are clear.

Miscarriage, Abortion, Stillbirth, Neonatal Death, Ectopic & Molar pregnancies

According to the Miscarriage Association, one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage and one in every 200 births in the UK each year is classed as stillborn. Furthermore, a smaller but significant number will be ectopic or molar pregnancies. Additionally 2 in 100 women between 16–44 will undergo an abortion at some stage in their lifetime.

Since April 2020, every parent who suffers a stillbirth or the death of a child has the right to two weeks’ paid leave under the Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Regulations.

REAL Fundraising feel that as a business that recognises the deep impact that these life events have on our REAL Family members should offer more. That’s why from today REAL shall be offering all employees who experience stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion, neo natal death ,ectopic or molar pregnancy 10 days of paid annual leave in addition to their standard annual leave entitlement.

It is important to allow all who suffer pregnancy loss in any of its forms the time to attend appointments, receive support and be allowed time to grieve without the financial impact of taking time off. — Lewis Honney, Managing Director

REAL Family members annual leave should be reserved for times or rest, recouperation & relaxation and not for these types of life events. This applies to either females who have suffered the loss, partners or grandparents who can be equally affected by these events.

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Download Miscarriage in the workplace guidance.

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