Returning to Face to Face Fundraising after COVID-19.

A few weeks back we published a survey for international F2F agency and inhouse to ask them how the return to F2F had been, post lockdown (If they had experienced a lockdown). Thank you to the 7 International NGO’s(and their agencies) who participated, below is a summary of the results. COnsiderations need to be taken as its a small data sample but as more agencies return we hope to grow this and the results so far may help your organisations with current planning and strategy decisions that are taking place or give you some fresh reassurances as to the way you are heading.

Our closest market in Europe submitted 5 responses.

All types of F2F have returned with the favourite being Street.

F2F has been back for between 1 and 10 weeks (Dark blue is 10 the key is cropped off)

Complaints are down or the same as Pre COVID-19. 👍🏼

Ad hoc feedback from the survey encouraged social media presence, working closely with the media to generate positive stories. Demonstrating that we have the right measures in place to protect all parties.

2/7 Charities received specific complaints relating to COVID-19.

The 2 organisations that received complaints that were related to COVID-19 show that we need to be ensuring Fundraisers not only have the right PPE but are comfortable using it. Investing in better quality PPE so that it is comfortable for shifts and breaks are assigned more regularly to refresh and revitalise themselves in these conditions.


Fundraisers and the public are generally happy with the levels of PPE that were used. Face shields and Face Masks were used 50/50 by the respondents. Diving deeper into the data and it appears that fundraisers seem happier with face shields over masks and the public are indifferent on which PPE is used.

Results are a real mix between the agencies. Between 50% better to 50% worse. What is clear from the ad hoc feedback is that you need to listen to feedback from your fundraisers, some markets may be experiencing COVID fatigue so avoiding this subject will work better other markets will be happy to talk about it. Mats for the doorstep have been exceptionally well received in several European markets. Lastly, markets have experienced initially high results but then a dip after a few weeks. This is because often the most experienced fundraisers started first and there is, of course, the wave of excitement and novelty by fundraisers being back. With this in mind keep the fundraising ask fresh, look at ways to keep fundraisers motivated when that initial buzz wears off and most of all be safe.

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