Returning to Face to Face Fundraising, learning from our International peers.

The last few months have been challenging to us all. Like many sectors, face to face fundraising was put on hold for an uncertain amount of time. Humans struggle to deal with the unknown, it’s the reason why we have to constantly forecast best estimates, predict start dates and constantly reproject.

We’ve all had time to reflect and to start adapting to the “new normal” that is emerging. The UK may be behind other countries globally in the journey through the pandemic and despite how gloomy the landscape has at times seemed in previous weeks, the clouds are starting to part and hope is starting to shine through.

During the Corona crisis, collaboration and teamwork across the global face to face community has been inspiring and proved as global Fundraisers how many things we share and crucially how much stronger we are together In many conversations within the UK sector, I have been asked what F2F is looking like globally so I wanted to share these images from my global LinkedIn connections.

Door to Door in Holland courtesy of Elsbeth De Ridder.


Private Site/Event Fundraising in Vietnam courtesy of Richard Dalgety and news that Thailand and Netherlands also restarted the same time.

UNICEF Norway looking amazing courtesy of Daniel McDonnell

Like a longe range weather forecast, the photos shared by Elsbeth, Daniel & Richard can give us all hope of the sunny, warmer future that is coming and provide the drive for us all to continue innovating and preparing for the safe return of F2F to the UK. Now, it would be easy to get carried away and return too soon, but we have to be patient, remain engaged as a sector and like the global community have demonstrated so well we need to collaborate, move forward in unison, communicate and work with the Institute of Fundraising and Fundraising Regulator to ensure we all get the timing right for the UK market.

There will soon be a time when our weeks of planning will be put into action and our Fundraisers can positively and safely return to work. A time when those skilled fundraisers will do what they do best and engage passionately and courteously about their given cause and raise the committed funds Charities and their beneficiaries so urgently need and deserve.

Until that time lets remain patient, keep hope in our hearts, and faith in the hundreds of face to face fundraisers, some of the most ethical, courageous, resilient and resourceful people our society knows, who are ready to spend their working lives helping to re-strengthen our society and play their part in creating brighter and more hopeful future for so many.

For all Charities reading this, our country has never needed you more, thank you for your resilience and perseverance in such testing times. The journey ahead will not be easy but there is a band of highly trained activists who may now be physically socially distant but in spirit standing shoulder to shoulder with you in solidarity every step of the way. Let’s in time turn the ‘new normal’ into the new and improved normal.

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