Face to Face

Our Fundraisers are there to raise awareness of the fantastic work done by our charity partners and more importantly, to inspire people to commit to regular donations via Direct Debit, one-off and reoccurring card payment. They do this across the whole of the UK.

The REAL Fundraising Management Team are highly experienced in delivering industry-leading campaigns, recruiting high quality long-term donors for our charity partners and demonstrating an excellent return on investment. REAL Fundraising offers a variety of face-to-face fundraising acquisition methods:


We fundraise in carefully selected High Streets around the UK, adhering to IOF standards and also liaising with local councils.


Private Site

Our private site teams work in premium shopping centres and train stations. Private sites can be a great way to help retention.



Door to Door

Our Door to Door teams provide the opportunity for potential donors to discuss supporting a charity in their own home environment.


We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we work together with our clients to tailor campaigns to their needs and requirements. We offer a bespoke service which can incorporate a variety of acquisition methods that best suits the charity. You would have the benefits of one Account Manager for whatever mix of acquisition methods you decide to use, meaning a simple and effective set-up and management of your campaign.

Why Face-to-Face?

It’s all about human interaction. Two people, face-to-face, talking to and listening to each other, is probably the most complete form of communication available to us. This complete experience makes for a better understanding between the potential donor and the fundraiser and also means the conversation can be personally tailored to the concerns and interests of the individual.

A face-to-face fundraiser is able to answer specific questions a donor may have, and they can talk about specific areas of interest in much more depth than, for example, a leaflet can.

A good face-to-face fundraiser is an invaluable link in a short chain, generating a high volume of committed, enthused donors giving long-term support for desperately needed and incredibly inspiring projects around the world with potentially life-changing results.

Our Fundraisers

Our fundraisers are a pretty diverse bunch! They come from all age ranges and backgrounds and bring incredibly varied life experiences to the team. Some choose to live at home and work in their home cities, while others choose a more nomadic lifestyle; living and travelling in teams around the UK.

There are some things that all our Fundraisers have in common; all are passionate, hard-working individuals, with an absolute commitment to actively working for positive social and environmental change in the world. That's why we love them!

How We Do It

With our years of experience we understand which methods encourage good retention of donors. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our goals are clearly aligned with those of our charity partners - we work with them to achieve the best retention rates in the industry. 

Pricing & Capacity

REAL have various types of capacity, pricing options and guarantees to suit your needs. If you are interested in hearing more then please contact our Managing Director of Client Services, Liam McEntegart here.

Account Management

We at REAL believe in giving our clients the highest quality of service and understand the importance of a fast and effective response. You will have your own dedicated Account Manager who will be your main point of contact from start to finish and beyond your campaign. Your Account Manager will be highly experienced and can give you as much or as little advice and guidance as you require throughout the campaigns. We have vast experience in setting up campaigns and can guide you through a very thorough and quick set-up process.

Site Coverage

REAL Fundraising has the ability to fundraise throughout the whole of the UK. This means that we can be really strategic about where we field our teams and can also work with our charity partners to target or avoid specific areas according to the charities' requirements. We can do this by fielding Roaming and Residential teams for total flexibility.

Roaming Street, Door and Private Site teams

Our Roaming teams work in different regions around the UK each week. By providing the teams with transport and accommodation, they can get to every corner of the country.

Residential Street, Door and Private Site teams

Our Residential teams cover specific regions around the UK. Fundraisers live at home and travel out to their fundraising sites each day.


At REAL Fundraising we combine ground-breaking techniques with dynamic strategies, key factors of a successful campaign for our charity partners. We consider that a truly successful campaign is achieved only when we have demonstrable results on quality and donor retention as well as consistent campaign delivery. By using various postcode and area profiling methods like Experian’s Mosaic geodemography and CACI’s Acorn classification systems, along with state-of-the art mapping software, REAL Fundraising can launch a tailored campaign of any size, from smaller tests to large volumes across any area of the UK. We are proud to have established ourselves as a market leader in campaign profiling and are renowned for providing our charity partners with excellent long-term committed donors and high retention rates.


REAL Fundraising offer full analysis during and after the campaign, so data and the lessons learned from it can be taken and used to feed into future campaigns, thus ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

Who We Work With

Our charity and ethical company partners, past and present:

Abel & Cole

Action for Blind People

Action for Children


Alzheimer's Research UK

Alzheimer's Society

Amnesty International


Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife


Breast Cancer Now

British Red Cross

Cancer Research UK

Care International


The Children's Trust

Diabetes UK

Essex Wildlife Trust

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity


Helen and Douglas House


Independent Age

Médecins Sans Frontières

Naomi House Children’s Hospice

National Autistic Society

National Deaf Children’s Society



Prostate Cancer UK



Save the Children UK

Scottish Wildlife Trust



Stroke Association





World Vision



Yorkshire Wildlife Trust