Working life is better inside a B Corp.

It’s B Corp month. And more importantly as we publish this it is week 1 of B Corp Month where we focus on our REAL Family members or as the B Impact Assessment categorises them our workers.

What is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to use business as a force for good and redefine success in business, building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

What do workers have to say about working for a B Corp

Drew Kiely on what working for a B Corp means to him

I personally love working for a B-Corp certified company. I can be proud of the fact that alongside doing a job I love (which in itself changes lives) I belong within a family that takes pride in being a force for good in the world.I love how B-Corp status can only be achieved when a company lives up to high ethical standards, be it protecting our Planet by lowering it’s carbon footprint, or treating workers with respect and integrity as well as having a positive influence within the communities we live and work. — Drew Kiely, F2F REAL Manager, REAL Fundraising.

Recruitment Lead, Destiny Owoloko on what working at a B Corp means to her.

It is difficult to identify just one reason why I feel privileged to be working for a B Corp company, so I’m going to highlight my top 3! I have the opportunity to grow through a mentoring scheme in a sector where I know I am making a difference. It is the rapid access to financial support and advice during the current pandemic. But most importantly, I am part of the generation that needs to be the force in tackling the climate crisis. Working at B Corp gives me that inspiration to want to push myself in becoming proactive in the goal to be carbon and climate neutral! — Jamaal Butt, Telephone & F2F REALer, REAL Fundraising

Jamaal Butt, REAL Fundraiser & Caller talks about what B Corp Means to him.

Val Todorov, REAL Admin & REAL Hampers talks about what B Corp means to her.

You care about your employees? The B Impact assessment proves it!

The B Impact assessment asks 44 questions about how companies look after their employees; the % of full time workers vs contractors on zero hours contracts, the level of maternity and paternity pay, the ratio of lowest paid employees to the highest, the lowest wage paid within the business, committment to minimum wage & living wage schemes, the % above the minimum wage that employees are paid, how you remunerate your employees, access to benefits, bonuses, pensions, and much much more. You can access the B Impact Assessment free of charge and confidentially here.

What do B Corps tend to have in common when it comes to workers.

  1. A living wage salary or more;
  2. Company funded access to fair benefits, healthcare, pensions, financial advice and planning products;
  3. Employee ownership options, stocks, shares or cooperative packages
  4. Good healthcare either through national insurance like the UK or good company funded insurance schemes.
  5. Regular formal skills, managment, leadership and job training throughout their career, with internal promotions prioritised where possible.
  6. Companies monitor engagement, job satisfaction, retention, welfare and wellbeing and goals are put in place for improvement.

The Statistics speak for themselves*
63% of REAL Employees would NOT take another job elsewhere for a 10% pay rise compared to the benchmark of 18% globally;

88% of REAL Employees state that they live by REAL’s values of Respect, Ethics, Activism & Love compared to 51% globally;

88% of REAL Employees state that they beleiev their manager cares about them personally compared to 40% globally;

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